Specialty classes

Our specialist classes are specifically designed for particular groups.

We also offer special programs for corporate and other organisations.

Men’s yoga

This class is especially designed to help men get the most out of yoga.

Men can have specific challenges with yoga. For example, they may be strong, but are often less flexible. This can mean particular types of poses take a bit more time or need a particular approach. Geelong City Yoga’s men’s classes focus on meeting these challenges. Classes are taught in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

I am constantly amazed how Tim can keep an eye on so many at one time and cater for each individual and still keep the class flowing.

Men find yoga can help greatly with agility, functional strength, stress reduction and overall increase in vitality. It can perfectly complement other sporting and fitness activities.

Tim Oddie is very experienced in teaching yoga to men, including weekly classes with members of the Geelong AFL Football Team for 11 seasons (2007 – 2017).

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Men are also welcome in all other classes on our timetable.