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Geelong City Yoga offers high-quality online content at affordable rates which are further discounted for those also holding an In-Studio membership

It is early days, but from an 8 week course for absolute beginners, to Live-streamed sessions and prerecorded material for all levels of practitioners we will uploading content regularly. So check in with us regularly and PLEASE send us your feedback

Subscriber Benefits

  • Regular ‘Live-Streamed’ classes for all levels
  • Multiple classes from under  15 mins to 1 hour.
  • Prerecorded  classes and therapy sequences for all levels
  • 8 Week courses
  • Extensive ‘Pose Focus’ Library

What does it cost?

All access subscription.

  • Full – $100 per month (discounted 40% if also a In-Studio Member)
  • Concession – $60 per month * (discounted 40% if also a In- Studio Member)

(* If you are experiencing ‘financial hardship’ please contact us and we will send you a code for a Free complimentary 1 month pass. This can then be extended beyond the first month upon request)

Regardless of what concession cards you have or don’t have please feel free to pay as is appropriate.

This system relies on honest self-assessment and community regard. These are cornerstones of Yogic practice.


Yes, please contact us for more information about this.