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Geelong City Yoga offers high-quality online content at affordable rates. We also currently offer discounts for the first month, including a 100% discount for those experiencing financial hardship. Regardless of financial situation we wish you to have access to the benefits of Yoga, particularly during this time of high stress.

From an 8 week course for absolute beginners, to Live-streamed sessions and prerecorded material for all levels of practitioners we offer a wealth of material and are constantly adding to this valuable resource . So check in with us regularly and PLEASE send us your feedback

Subscriber Benefits

  • Regular ‘Live-Streamed’ classes for all levels
  • Multiple classes from under  15 mins to 1 hour.
  • Prerecorded  classes and therapy sequences for all levels
  • 8 Week courses
  • Extensive ‘Pose Focus’ Library

What does it cost?

All access subscription.

  • Full – $100 per month *
  • Concession – $60 per month * 

*Discounts –

40% for the 1st month all those joining or rejoining before end of June 2021-    (use code “jun40”)

40% ongoing for all those who also hold a current ‘In-Studio’ membership.        (use code “In-Studio”)

100% (ie Free!) for first month if you are experiencing ‘financial hardship’. This can then be extended beyond the first month upon request.                                              (use code “efh”)


This system relies on honest self-assessment and community regard. These are cornerstones of Yogic practice.


Please contact us for more if you have any questions or technical difficulties 🙂