International Yoga Day – Yogathon 2020









108 Sun salutes to live chanting
A Celebration of both Yoga Tradition and Innovation.
An opportunity to give thanks and to help your community

Every year we stage a Yogathon to celebrate yoga in our lives and raise funds for charity. We gather together to practice 108 rounds of Surya Namaskara (Sun salutes) to the live chant of the Gayatri Mantra and seek sponsorship from friends and family as a way to raise funds. Usually the number of participants has been limited by the size of our studio but this year we will be gathering via ZOOM, so the sky’s the limit!

Join us, get your yoga friends to join us, or at least sponsor you! Let’s fill that screen with dozens and dozens of individuals from far and wide, moving, breathing and chanting as one.

(Sponsorship form available as printable image in comments)

You don’t have to be able to do 108 full Sun Salutes. You can do less, you can do modifications, you can do none and join the chanting, you can be ‘seen’ on Zoom or turn off your video. Ask your friends to sponsor you 10c, 50c $1 a round or otherwise they can contribute a donation.
Maybe consider creating a team or simply get involved by sponsoring and thereby encouraging someone else. You can also sponsor us by making a pledge in the comments below or donating directly to our MYCAUSE site above. But if yoga is a part of your life, here is a chance to get involved and celebrate.

This year we will be distributing 100% of the money raised evenly between two entities: The Outpost and The Gaia Oasis Foundation. The Outpost is a not for profit group that assists people ‘living rough’ here in Geelong. Again, as in the last two years, we would like to support this grass roots organisation in their valuable and compassionate work.
Gaia Oasis (that many at GCY know and love) is the not for profit retreat centre in Bali that does terrific social and environmental work, which we usually visit every year. Sadly, this year we have had to cancel our (fully booked) Bali Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat scheduled for early August. We are very aware of the resulting financial difficulties being experienced by our dear friends and colleagues over there and wish to do what we can to support them.

Please help spread the word. Tell your yoga buddies, share this post and ensure you click ‘Attend’ or ‘Interested’ as is appropriate. Those who partook in previous years will know what a wonderful energy we create together. The medium has changed but the intent is the same.