Corporate and organisations

“Beautiful programs delivered by experienced, knowledgeable and engaging instructors”.              -Lisa Aitken, Wellbeing Advisor, Worksafe Victoria.

Build your team’s wellbeing with Geelong City Yoga.

More and more organisations are recognising that supporting the whole person is the key to an engaged and resilient workforce or group.

Yoga and mindfulness can improve:

  • concentration, confidence and focus
  • emotional and physical wellness
  • mental resilience and stress management
  • ability to manage work relationships.

This can be particularly helpful for people working in emergency response, or other stressful situations.

Geelong City Yoga can work with you to build a program or add to your existing wellbeing activities. We have tailored programs to suit many leading Geelong businesses, schools, government and other organisations including  GMHBA, Geelong Collage, COGG, TAC, Worksafe, Back to Back Theatre and Geelong Football Club

You’ll benefit from our years of experience in inspiring ,and empowering people to take responsibility for their health and to make positive change in their lives.

I’ve been going to Tim, Joey and Samala for the past two months, and I feel really encouraged to keep going – mostly because of the excellent instructors who are patient and encouraging – but also because, health-wise, I have already started feeling an improvement. I really look forward to doing more and experiencing yoga more fully!


Talk to us about:

  • adding online yoga and mindfulness sessions to your employee wellness programs
  • incentives and offers to encourage staff/members to engage with online programs
  • team building and leadership development
  • specially designed private group sessions. (zoom, skype or google)
  • discounted ‘corporate’ rates.

Contact Geelong City Yoga to discuss your needs