At Geelong City Yoga, you’ll find a class to suit your needs. We also offer special programs for corporate and other organisations. 

I seriously can’t recommend this studio enough! All the teachers I’ve had at GCY have brought their own unique presence to the classes, highlighting important features of each pose and allowing us as students to feel completely at ease with our bodies’ capabilities.


Yoga foundations

The place to start if you have never done yoga or haven’t been for a while. Learn about the basic poses, and experience what yoga can do for you.

Yoga progression

After establishing a good understanding of our approach via the Yoga foundations classes, you can progress your practice to levels 1 and 2

Lunchtime yoga & mindfulness

 45 minute classes Monday – Friday to rejuvenate your mind and body. No experience necessary.

Specialty classes

Classes designed for particular groups (e.g. men’s only classes or classes for athletes) as well as mindfulness classes.