1. Buy Class Credits

Introductory Offers

 Take advantage of our ‘one off’ special offers.

FREE Trial class

Available as a ‘one-off’ offer.  Come to a Foundations class at any time during the year for FREE.

Great for those with absolutely no yoga experience or those who have done just a few classes here and there. An ideal way to get a little insight into our thorough and professional approach and see what benefits yoga can bring, physically mentally and emotionally.

Find out more about Foundations classes. 

2-Week Unlimited Pass ($25)

Available as a ‘one off’ offer anytime. Following a FREE Trial class, you can buy a 2 week pass which allows you to attend unlimited yoga classes (of an appropriate level). With many classes a week to chose from this represents great value. Get a fuller picture of the school, the teachers, and the benefits of doing lots of yoga!


Ongoing Options

Attending 1 (or less) class per week

Single Class Pass ($22)

Multi Class pass

Buy a ‘5-class’, ’10-class’, pass at any time. Passes valid for 3 Months (12 weeks) from the date of first use.

Please choose the pass most suitable to your intended attendance.  Passes are non-transferable and extension to the expiry date can only be given in special circumstances. Please do not ask at the studio for casual extension to your pass from your teacher.

You will receive a courtesy email when your pass has only 1 class remaining or is due to expire in 2 weeks.


All Class Passes (Includes Regular and Lunchtime classes)

5 All Class Pass
10 All Class Pass

Lunchtime Class Passes (Lunchtime classes only)

5 Lunchtime Pass $85

10 Lunchtime Pass $160


Attending 2 (or more) classes per week

We are very pleased to announce that from January 2020 we will be offering two Direct Debit Membership options. These two Memberships offer value and convenience for those many students who attend more than one class per week. Members will also receive discounts on workshops, events, retreats,  yoga props and other items

Unlimited Membership  $35 per week, $25 concession (includes all classes on timetable)

Lunchtime Membership $25 per week, $20 concession (lunchtime classes only)

These Memberships are currently available only in-studio. Come and talk to us for more details 🙂