Yoga Progression

For people who have completed a foundations course or who have some yoga experience, we offer levels 1, 2 & 3 yoga.

Level 1 (75mins)

Level 1 yoga classes build on what you’ve learned in yoga foundations.

You’ll work on the basics of more advanced poses like backbends and shoulder stands.
You don’t need to know the name of every pose or how to do it before you start level 1. Level 1 is about working towards new poses and getting to know what your body is ready for. You may not be ready for some poses yet, but you’ll learn alternatives, and how to look after yourself as you progress.

We were progressively taken to more intense poses and always felt safe and supported.

In level 1, some people even start to think about their own home yoga practice.

If you have done a foundations course or have been doing those classes for a few months we encourage you to challenge yourself and expand your class options by doing some Level 1 classes. Take advantage of our ‘one off’ offers and sign up for the  Level 1, 6 week Unlimited Course. A great introduction to a deeper practice at a great price.

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Level 2 (90mins)

Level 2 yoga classes are for people who are more experienced and ready for a deeper yoga practice.

Level 2 classes do regular inversions (upside-down poses) and work on more backbends and other advanced poses.

If you have been doing Level 1 classes for a while then challenge yourself and come to some level 2 classes! You do not have to be able to ‘do’ all the poses, but rather begin to understand what alternatives to do if a pose is not suitable for you. Talk to your Level 1 teacher if unsure.