About Geelong City Yoga

Geelong City Yoga offers yoga and mindfulness classes for all abilities. Established in 2004 as Geelong’s first permanent, dedicated yoga studio, Geelong City Yoga has the expertise and experience to help you whether you are new to yoga, an experienced practitioner or maybe even a recently qualified yoga teacher.

Our approach

We’re interested in the place where body and mind meet, and how yoga helps that happen. In fact, ‘yoga’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’ or to ‘join together’. It has the power to transform both the body and the mind.

Everybody comes to yoga at different stages and with different abilities. Using props and supports (like belts, blocks and blankets) allows you to achieve a form of each pose, regardless of your physical challenges or fitness level.

Geelong City Yoga is a fantastic place to be. The yoga is taught with the best teachers and knowledge is continually passed on to the students to ensure all poses are done correctly and to get the most benefit out of them. A very nurturing environment.


While we encourage you to challenge yourself, we also teach you about intelligent action – getting to know your own body and what is best for you. This means that whatever class you attend, you will be able to get the most out of it.

We concentrate on the anatomical detail of poses so that you learn to do them safely and for maximum benefit. As we work through poses, we encourage observation of your body in each pose, which brings mindful concentration. Our classes are always rounded out at the end with relaxation and pranayama (focusing on the breath).

So in Geelong City Yoga classes you’ll get physical exercise, but you’ll also work on quietening the mind. In this way yoga builds the whole person: strength, flexibility, clarity and mindfulness.

Fully equipped studio

Our purpose-renovated space is in the heart of the Geelong CBD. It’s air conditioned and fully fitted out with all you need for a yoga class, including toilets, changing rooms and all equipment.

Highly qualified teachers

All our teachers are highly qualified and have many years of professional experience. 


Tim Oddie

Tim Oddie established Geelong City Yoga in 2004 and remains the Director and principle teacher

Tim is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with over 25 years’ experience and continues to travel to Pune, India to study on a regular basis. He has taught  yoga in church halls and community centers through to established yoga schools, from corporate offices in the Melbourne Stock Exchange to  communities in Arnhem Land.

Tim has a great ability to adapt the practice to suit an individual’s particular needs. Whether welcoming someone in their first ever yoga class or advising a junior teacher, helping someone with an injury or honing the performance of a professional athlete Tim brings the same respect, commitment, and skill.

As well as regular classes, Tim runs yoga workshops and retreats in Geelong, Melbourne, and internationally. He has a particular interest and reputation for encouraging more men and more elite athletes to appreciate the benefits of yoga and mindfulness and is regularly asked to deliver talks or to submit articles to leading wellness magazines on these topics. 

Kristy Wilson

Kristy discovered the power of yoga over a decade ago when after a serious back injury she successfully avoid surgery through a regular yoga practice. Her appreciation and love of yoga led her to complete her Hatha Yoga teaching qualification in 2014, followed by Restorative Yoga Therapy in 2016. As Wilsana Yoga Kristy hosts mini retreats and also works with schools and corporate clients. She has been a regular and committed student at GCY for many years and we are delighted to now have her join our team of teachers.

Joanna Remenyi

Joanna Remenyi is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

For a number of years ‘Joey’ taught at Melbourne’s largest Iyengar Yoga school, Clifton Hill Yoga Studio.
She has recently returned home to the Surf coast and GCY is delighted to welcome aboard another highly skilled and experienced teacher.

Joey is also much in demand within the medical fraternity as a Vestibular Audiologist and mindfulness Educator. She operates her own successful business Seeking Balance.

Linda Weisenberger

Linda has been practicing Mindfulness and Meditation regularly for almost a decade and is passionate to share the benefits this practice has brought to her own life. Countless recent medical studies have ‘proven’ what practitioners have know for eons. A regular Mindfulness practice has a highly positive effect on the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. Come to one of  Linda’s lunchtime sessions and become more relaxed, centered and balanced. Let her soothing voice transport you to YOU.